Re: Catalog of GObject-specific design patterns?

Hi Sébastien,

thx for this post ! I'm a newby with GObject, and I'm always happy to
learn bits here and there.

As for using the `g_object_set_data()` like you do, it's something I
always tried to stay away from, because it seems to me that everything
becomes possible with that, and there's probably plenty of mistakes to
be made ;) On the other hand, there must be some situations where it's
the only solution. I'd be curious to know what the old-timers think
about it, when to use it and when to avoid it.

At last, I take this opportunity to share my bookmark post on GObject. I
collected all the interesting bits I found on the Net while learning
from zero, plus added some personal thoughts, and in the end it's just a
mess, but learners might find interesting bits there, who knows.


On 08/10/2017 07:23 PM, Sébastien Wilmet wrote:

I've documented my first GObject design pattern:

Question to the old-timers: do you know any other GObject-specific
design pattern? Not applying the classic design patterns with GObject,
I'm talking here about new design patterns that use GObject features
that are not necessarily present in other object systems.

Or am I the first to write about a GObject-specific design pattern?

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