Re: [glib] malloc and bdwgc

Am 12.01.2016 um 04:03 schrieb 张海:
Yes, but the point of my previous email is that the third-party
GC_malloc() might eventually call malloc() itself, and by defining a
malloc() in my program, GC_malloc() will again call into my malloc() and
then GC_malloc() until stack overflow. Do you think this will happen?

This is tricky. If you can't make GC_malloc() call __libc_malloc instead, you can only try to detect recursion. Either with some unwinding library or with a static recursion counter.

A recursion counter is subject to race conditions in a multi thread program, though, so you might need to use thread local storage (see pthread_key_create(), pthread_setspecific(), pthread_getspecific(); gcc suppots tls with __thread decorator, but beware that this automatism might result in malloc() calls) or ensure coherency through locks.

It's unfortunate that glib doesn't support your use case anymore. It seems to follow the glib/gtk theme of breaking non-gnome applications by dropping long-existing APIs out of the blue (/rant).

Best regards.

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