Re: API/ABI reports

On Fri, Feb 5, 2016 at 7:21 AM, Ponomarenko Andrey
<andrewponomarenko yandex ru> wrote:

I've started to maintain API/ABI changes reports for the Gtk+ and Glib libraries here:

The project is just a hobby and I'd like to share my results with the community. Hope this report will help 
Linux maintainers of these libraries to be aware of ABI changes and added/removed binary symbols.

Please let me know if some information in the report is incorrect.

As a tangential note: these sorts of trackers have somewhat limited
usefulness; many relevant changes are not directly reflected in the
C-level ABI/API. As an example, we are just discussing the
compatibility impact of adding a parameter to a signal in
The change will clearly cause problems for applications connecting to
this signal, but it will not show up in your ABI report at all.

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