Re: API/ABI reports

Hello Sébastien,

Thanks for the link. It's good to know that we have finally got a first alternative tool for the ABI 
Compliance Checker and can verify reports of each other.

Thank you.

05.02.2016, 21:04, "Sébastien Wilmet":
Hello Ponomarenko,

On Fri, Feb 05, 2016 at 03:21:21PM +0300, Ponomarenko Andrey wrote:
 I've started to maintain API/ABI changes reports for the Gtk+ and Glib
 libraries here:

 The project is just a hobby and I'd like to share my results with the
 community. Hope this report will help Linux maintainers of these
 libraries to be aware of ABI changes and added/removed binary symbols.

It can be useful, thanks!

 The source code of the project is available here:

I see that it doesn't use libabigail:

libabigail has been more or less recently created, so if you didn't know
its existence, it can be worth a look.


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