Symbols in gdk-pixbuf/pixops become local (was Re: subscribe)

Hum. THe global variable has become file local.

$ nm gdk-pixbuf/.libs/ | grep scaler
00000000002236f0 b _gdk_disable_two_step_scaler

so the global variable has become file-local, as have its functions:
$ nm gdk-pixbuf/.libs/ | grep pixops
0000000000018b40 t _pixops_composite
0000000000017ee0 t _pixops_composite_color
0000000000017140 t _pixops_scale
00000000000167c0 t pixops_process

Is there something in the linking of gdk-pixbuf that binds the library
calls to the functions in pixops/* that makes them invisible in the
final library?

And/or, is there another way to turn a piece of code on and off in a
routine in pixops/ from the testsuite?



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