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   I'm trying to fix the scaler's pathological behaviour when reducing
by a very large factor
by doing very large reductions in two steps, but I have a compilation
error that I can't figure out.

   I've included in gdk-pixbuf/pixops/pixops.c a global variable used
by its testsuite to disable the two-step optimization:
  gboolean _gdk_disable_two_step_scaler = 0;
which I successfully use in that file:
  if (!_gdk_disable_two_step_scaler)
but when I try to access it from the testsuite in tests/pixbuf-scale-two-step.c:
  extern gboolean _gdk_disable_two_step_scaler;
 _gdk_disable_two_step_scaler = 1;
it is not found:
  .../gdk-pixbuf/tests/pixbuf-scale-two-step.c:120: undefined
reference to `_gdk_disable_two_step_scaler'

Any ideas why?


On 01/12/2016, Martin Guy <martinwguy gmail com> wrote:

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