Re: Broken 'C' compilation when building from Master with MSVC

2nd attempt - sorry if this comes through twice...

On 02/11/2015 22:50, Arnavion wrote:
Presumably this is not being included by gtypes.h

Yeah, that's true - and fixing it kinda works but it leaves a couple of problems...

1) Firstly, it needs to get #included quite a long way down (around line 95 of gtypes.h).  The reason for this is that the two headers have mutual dependencies - i.e. gutils.h needs some types which are defined in gtypes.h and vice versa.

2) Because of the above, some other source files are now fussy about which order we #include gtypes.h versus gutils.h

I think I'm reaching the conclusion that these new functions (_GLIB_CHECKED_ADD_U32 etc) have simply been placed in the wrong header file.  Maybe they need to be in gutils.h rather than gtypes.h?  I don't mind experimenting and moving them somewhere else temporarily if anyone can suggest a better location.  Thanks,


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