Re: Broken 'C' compilation when building from Master with MSVC

This is my third attempt to reply to Emmanuele so apologies if this comes through in duplicate (or even triplicate!!)  My posts to this list seem to frequently get lost somewhere (for some reason I've never understood).  Anyway, here's what I wrote...

On 02/11/2015 16:56, Emmanuele Bassi wrote:
you should try the patch attached to this bug:

and see if it fixes the issue for you.

Thanks for the quick reply Emmanuele.

If you're referring to the problem with G_STATIC_ASSERT it's not relevant in my case because _GLIB_HAVE_BUILTIN_OVERFLOW_CHECKS doesn't seem to be defined anywhere.  However, if I explicitly #define it (and then apply the patch) that doesn't help.  I then just see the same error occur at line 417 instead of 427.

I've a strange feeling that we might need underscores here with MSVC 'C'.  The compiler seems happy with "_inline" and "__inline" - but "inline" is only accepted when building as C++.  I must admit, that comes as a bit of a surprise!!


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