Re: Using Python v3.3 while building Glib

On 13/05/2015 09:02, Ignacio Casal Quinteiro wrote:
Hi John,

are you using ? If not, any reason to not use it and improve it for your use case?

Thanks Ignacio. That looks like a useful resource and I should maybe consider it. For our purposes we have two slightly unusual requirements:-

1) For historical reasons we need to build with VC8. That's rarely supported now in gtk+ libs.

      2)  We build 3 targets, namely:-

            a)  Full Debug version
            b)  Full Release version
            c)  Debuggable Release version

It might seem like a luxury to have a debuggable Release build - but in fact it can be immensely useful.

Are the nice-software libs synced to their "official" libraries (i.e. if there's a change upstream, does it get imported into the nice-software version?)

My repos get updated weekly and are also on github:-

Looks like we're basically doing the same thing !!


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