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Hi John,

are you using ? If not, any reason to not use it and improve it for your use case?


On Wed, May 13, 2015 at 9:59 AM, John Emmas <johne53 tiscali co uk> wrote:
I'm building Glib (from Git) using MSVC.  FWIW I use my own MSVC projects (rather than the supplied ones) although that isn't relevant here.  What's relevant is that, while building libgio, a bunch of python files get converted to binary equivalents.  This is all connected with gdbus-codegen AFAICR.  For example, there's a python source called "" which gets converted to "codegen_main.pyc".  The build procedure has been working perfectly for many years.

For reasons unconnected with Glib I needed to upgrade python yesterday to ver 3.3.5.  Since the upgrade, my python binaries now have different names.  For example, the above binary now gets called:-


I don't know enough about the build process to know whether there might be any ramifications caused by the name changes.  Are the ".pyc" files just used internally by python itself (in other words, the name isn't important)?  Or could there be other ramifications for my build?  I realise I should be contacting the python team - but I wanted to ask some advice first to find out if anyone can anticipate any potential problems from this change?  Thanks.

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