Re: GTK+, WM, desktops and CSD

Le 06/03/2015 02:12, Matthias Clasen a écrit :
On Thu, Mar 5, 2015 at 3:23 PM, Olivier Fourdan <fourdan gmail com> wrote:


Ideally, GTK should be able to use CSD even without a compositor. The
only reason it requires a compositor is because it uses the shadows as
resize handles. Ideally, it should use a larger border width when
there is no compositor - But that would another set of patches as not
directly related to the hint proposed.

Yes, I've been thinking that myself recently: We should fall back to
having 'fat borders' instead of 'invisible borders+shadow' if the
environment can't support them. A patch to do so would be most welcome
(I'm well aware that gtkwindow.c is not the easiest place to add new
functionality like this...)

Hum, I'm not certain of what means what, but I though I had to mention
it:  I don't use a compositor (Metacity with compositing disabled), but
apps using CSD work just fine (Epiphany, GEdit, …).

And while, yes, the handle for resizing is pretty small with those
(maybe 1px wide, but taller), it doesn't wasting screen space and I can
always use <meta>MMB to resize my windows (or whatever my WM's shortcut
is for this).
BTW, my non-CSD windows have an equally small handle everywhere but on
the top left corner (and on top, where it has 3px instead of 1), so it
doesn't really change much.  (I actually use Metacity with the default
window theme -- Adwaita?)

That's all, just mentioning I myself at least don't consider this to be
a real problem even today -- and I don't really want to see fat borders
around my windows if I can avoid it, so if it happens I'd love a way to
define its width :)


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