Re: GDBusProxy missing bus signals during construction

On 24/07/15 12:26, Bastien Nocera wrote:
On Thu, 2015-07-23 at 21:59 +0100, Roger James wrote:
I propose to get this by round this by subscribing to the Avahi
signal  on my "AvahiServer"  proxy to catch the updates and then
unscribing it after I have connected the gobject signal on the
'AvahiServiceBrowser' proxy.  Even just typing that makes ny head
I have no idea how that will play in the heavily multi-threaded
enviroment this is eventually to be deployed in.

I will post the new code back here for posterity later.
Or fix Avahi directly?

That will all save us time in the long run...

Hi Bastien,

I am really annoyed that that link did not come up all my searching. It would have saved me a lot of investigation. I suppose I did not look at the avahi issues list because I did not think the api could have have been designed that way. To old stagers like me a server that communicates with clients via api that potentially works over a network (internal or external) cannot rely on partners doing things in a time-scale dictated by a server.

I will post a link to my work on that thread. But you are correct, it needs fixing. However it has been around a long time and it will need to be fixed in a way that does not break any existing applications.




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