Re: GDBusProxy missing bus signals during construction

On 24/07/15 12:23, Simon McVittie wrote:
On 23/07/15 21:59, Roger James wrote:

I propose to get this by round this by subscribing to the Avahi ItemNew
signal  on my "AvahiServer"  proxy to catch the updates and then
unscribing it after I have connected the gobject signal on the
'AvahiServiceBrowser' proxy.
org.freedesktop.Avahi.Server does not appear to have an ItemNew signal.
I would recommend dropping down to a lower-level API than proxy objects:
using Gio.DBusConnection.signal_subscribe() to match ItemNew signals at
*any* object path (use None for the object path parameter).


I was a bit sloppy when I typed this. I should have said on the DBusConnection used by my AvahiServer proxy. Sorry.

The latest version of the code is at

It seems to run reasonably well. If will now look at integrating it into the rest of the stuff.


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