Re: Problem with 'gio/gwin32appinfo.c'

On 02.07.2015 14:02, John Emmas wrote:
On 02/07/2015 11:02, LRN wrote:
On 02/07/2015 11:02, LRN wrote:
Alternatively, have one of the glib core maintainers to label this a
release-critical regression that should be fixed by any means necessary

On 02/07/2015 11:34, Murray Cumming wrote:
ABI-breaking commits should be reverted or corrected in subsequent
commits. It is not nice to break ABI.

So please can this be treated as an urgent (ABI breaking) regression?

(which is exactly what it is !!).  Thanks,

Pushed my patch and one extra dummy function. Is that sufficient?

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