Re: Problem with 'gio/gwin32appinfo.c'

On 02.07.2015 12:17, John Emmas wrote:
On 01/07/2015 16:41, LRN wrote:
On 01.07.2015 17:53, John Emmas wrote:
On 24/06/2015 14:52, John Emmas wrote:
one way or another, 'g_app_info_reset_type_associations()' needs to
get back into glib.

Did that ever happen just out of interest?  I'll be updating glib and
glibmm in the next day or two so it'd be helpful if I can then build
them successfully again.  Thanks.
Nothing happened.

Thanks LRN - it's a pity, considering the other functions got 
re-instated so easily.

Is there some kind of problem to put that one back again?  If so, I'll 
see if I can find it in an old backup and just restore it locally.  Thanks.

File a bug on bugzilla, attach the patch that i've mailed earlier, then go
and tell nacho and fanc to review it. Also ask if they have any ideas about
adding the functions that are still missing.

Alternatively, have one of the glib core maintainers to label this a
release-critical regression that should be fixed by any means necessary, in
which case i'll just commit the quickest hacks i can come up with.

Truth is, i dislike having noop dummies in glib on one hand, and have no
motivation/time/ideas to implement them on the other hand. Which is why i'm
reluctant to act all by myself.

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