Re: GObject introspection for cairo

Il Thu, 22 Jan 2015 16:28:19 +0000 Emmanuele Bassi <ebassi gmail com> scrisse:

Cairo is not a GObject library, so introspection is fairly useless.

Hi Emmanuele,

the cairo source tree includes cairo-gobject [1] that already wraps
enums and structs in GObject style. I just browsed the code and added
the missing types to the gir file.

for Cairo, you should always prefer native bindings — like pycairo, or
the cairo GJS module.

I'm using LGI [2] which provides automatic bindings based on GObject
introspection. This gives me the ability to access all the libraries I
need (cairo is only one of them) through the same interface.

One of my API needs the cairo_surface_type_t enum, so adding a new
dependency only for that is not an option. If the patches are rejected
I'll wrap the enum on my side instead (or drop that particular feature).

if you have patches, please attach them on Bugzilla.

Sorry, my bad. I had really hard time trying to figure out how to submit
bugs to gobject-introspection. I just discovered (10 mins ago) I need to
select GLib as product first.



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