Re: GObject introspection for cairo


On 22 January 2015 at 16:13, Nicola Fontana <ntd entidi it> wrote:

I need introspection access to a type actually not exported in
cairo-1.0.gir, and in fact that gir file exports only a fraction of the
types available.

Cairo is not a GObject library, so introspection is fairly useless.
the only reason why Cairo has introspection data is for GObject
properties and signal marshallers, as well as Cairo types in exposed
in public API in other libraries; the Cairo type system is not mapped
to the GObject type system, so introspection cannot do much to
differentiate calls on, say, an image surface and an xlib surface.

for Cairo, you should always prefer native bindings — like pycairo, or
the cairo GJS module.

The patches [1] and [2] addresses this issue: any chance to get them
merged before the next release?


please, do not use pull requests on the Github mirror: nobody looks at
them, and cannot be merged from there anyway (it's a read-only

if you have patches, please attach them on Bugzilla.


[ ] ebassi [ gmail com]

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