libglib - Newly introduced build issue with MSVC8

This morning I updated libglib from git master and I noticed a number of newly added sources (including 'gio/gliststore.h'). By whatever mechanism, that header file now gets #included when I build 'gio/gwin32outputstream.c'. Line 36 of the header file looks like this:-

G_DECLARE_FINAL_TYPE(GListStore, g_list_store, G, LIST_STORE, GObject)

MSVC8 is giving me a compiler error when I try to compile 'gio/gwin32outputstream.c'. The error occurs at the above line where MSVC tells me:-

      error C2091: function returns function

(there are extra errors too - but that's the first one in the list). Although I've been programming with MSVC8 for 10 years I've never encountered that error message before (so it might take some time figure out what's wrong). I just wondered if anyone could hazard a guess at what the problem might be? Thanks.


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