Re: introspection vs gtk_init()

On Sat, Aug 29, 2015, at 01:03 PM, Emmanuele Bassi wrote:

 * a bunch of our types rely on library initialization, and that's
just not always feasible in all the conditions (e.g. build machines),
but we cannot know which one from the outside, and we cannot reliably
test against this

I'd phrase this as :the target binaries should not depend on the build environment.
This matters not just for headless build machines, but also for
cross-compilation.  Windows GTK+ binaries built from a Unix machine
should have the same API/ABI as one self-hosted.

We cannot "fix introspection" alone — though we should stop running
code to introspect properties and signals and run-time, and just parse
the gtk-doc stanzas for those elements; I mean: we're already parsing
C code, parsing g_signal_new/g_param_spec_* invocations is not really
much of a jump; this would only solve a part of the problem.

It's possible, but a lot of work to find and fix the little details.  It'd have
to be opt-in for libraries that have ported.

But yeah, in this case we know the modifier mask statically as you said.

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