Re: Improve word boundaries for text widgets

On Fri, Sep 26, 2014 at 04:37:52PM -0700, Christian Hergert wrote:
I'm doing exactly this in Builder today for VIM style `w` and `b`.

Ctrl+right is the same as 'e' in Vim: go to the next word end.
Ctrl+left is the same as 'b' in Vim: go to the previous word start.

Is there a good reason to choose 'w' instead of 'e'? I think 'e' and 'b'
are better for word selection with Ctrl+Shift+arrow.

Additionally, I'd like double-click and triple-click to be different
things. Imagine triple-click selecting the whole scope in some C code
for example.

Currently triple-click selects the line, it's not that bad. But being
able to change the behavior can be useful, I'll keep that in mind for
the vfunc.

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