Gtk theme in GTK# (Windows)

I'm trying to change the theme in GTK# (*OS: Windows, IDE: Xamarin*). But I
get next issues:

 1. I was able to find only one theme which correctly render, it is "Orta".
All was well, except for *lags and freezes*. Here is my code: 

     string Resource_File = "Orta\\gtk-2.0\\gtkrc";
     Application.Init ();
     Gtk.Rc.AddDefaultFile (Resource_File);
     Gtk.Rc.Parse (Resource_File);
     MainWindow win = new MainWindow ();
     win.Show ();
     Application.Run ();

 *When I changing the size of the Paned or clicking on button I get GUI
freezes*( I already asked about this <> 
). This problem occurs only when using this theme, with the other themes all
works tolerably. I used the search and found a couple of opinions, about
that this is due to the use of Cairo to render graphics ( one of them

 2. if I try to use a different theme, *a lot of GUI elements not correctly
rendered* in my GTK# application, but they are correctly render in the GTK
Theme Selector. If the theme is displayed correctly in GTK Theme Selector,
then I try to use the selected gtkrc file in my Gtk# app(as shown in Example
with "Orta"), but almost always, most  widgets are not displayed correctly(
here is an example

So I have a few questions:

 1. How to choose a work theme?
 2. How to set a theme for GTK# (Windows)?
 3. What Gtk# open source application using the theme and how?
 4. What other way to change the style of GUI in the GTK# app?
 5. Why "Orta" theme freezes?

Answer to any question is considered as the answer. So I need any your help!

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