glib/goption.c (unknown symbol)

Hi - I just updated from git master (about half an hour ago) but MSVC gives me an 'undeclared identifier' error at line 368 of 'glib/goption.c'. Here's what the line looks like:-

      optind = 1;

I assumed (maybe?) it was a typo - but on reading the rest of that function, it's not really obvious what the line should have been. The relevant function is called 'g_option_context_new()'

Alternatively, 'optind' might be something in unistd.h (which also got #included as part of the same update). But generally speaking elsewhere in glib, unistd.h only tends to get #included if 'G_OS_UNIX' is defined (which usually won't be the case when building with MSVC).

Whatever...  it's all a bit confusing so I thought I'd flag it up!!


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