Re: gtkglarea 2.1.0 released

Hey Tarnyko,

sorry for the late reply,

On 28 April 2014 10:33, Tarnyko <tarnyko tarnyko net> wrote:
Javier Jardón writes:

Testing in Windows platform has not been tested, so if you have any
problems please report in bugzilla!

Just tested it, works perfectly under Win32.

Nice! Good to know

        * Modernize all the code as much as possible before a
          possible transition to GTK+3

Regarding GTK+3 : there is a patch which has been around for some time on
Bugzilla, and that I just adapted for the new release :
It basically allows specifying a "--with-gtk=3" option at configure time
(the library still targets GTK+2 by default).
Justed tested under Linux and Win32, it builds fine. The functionality stays
the same for GTK+2, still needs some additionnal work for Linux Font support
(which I have prepared).
Do you think it could be merged ?

I already pushed a branch in the git repository with the GTK+3 port [1]
Sorry, I didnt know those patches already exist.
In my approach I removed the support for GTK+2 and focus in GTK+3 only.
I will take a look to the patch and see how we can combine our work ;)
Everything seems to work but the zkor example, not sure yet why. So if
you have any idea it would be great!
I also plan to change the namespace [2] of the api to not conflict
with future GTK+ work on this.



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