Re: Mingw - Minsys - glib 2.40.0 error with /home/keith

Then I try a "make", and I have a strange error (for me) :

/bin/grep: /home/keith/staged/mingw32/lib/ No such file or directory
/bin/sed: can't read /home/keith/staged/mingw32/lib/ No
such file or directory
libtool: link: `/home/keith/staged/mingw32/lib/' is not a
valid libtool archive

I feinted. I created /home/keith/staged/mingw32/lib/ and make a link to
I had just a warning from libtool ( seems to be moved)

But the compilation didn't terminate correctly.

I had a rand_s implicit declaration problem.
I change rand_s with srand in grand.c (I think that is very very bad, so if someone can give me the right solution…).

The problem was bypassed.

But …
Again a error about Python.
/bin/env didn't find python2.5.

I feinted. I edited the correspondant Makefile and I changed python2.5 by /c/Python27/python.exe (which is the installed version for me).

The compilation terminated :)

But I can't make install ^^ (again errors about python).

I will try to install python 2.5 from msys to mingw to test.

To resumate, these are points where I need help :
- Why the make command ask me for a libiconv in a /home/keith/… directory ?
- What is the explanation of the rand_s error ?
- What is the explanation of python2.5 error ? I never say to minsys, mingw, or glib that I already or not installed python.

I really want to help to make glib easy to compile on Windows.

Even if I hate to work on a Windows for many reasons.

Again, thank you for help !


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