Re: RFC: gestures

On Tue, 2014-03-04 at 00:55 +0100, Carlos Garnacho wrote:
Hey everyone,

In the past days I've been hacking again on the gestures branch, and
it's reaching an state where I feel it's getting quite solid, so I would
like to get discussion started, tentatively aiming to get this included
early in 3.13.


The two object types this relies on are GtkEventController and
GtkGesture. GtkEventController is a very lowlevel abstraction for
something that just "handles events". GtkGesture is a subclass very
centered around handling single or multiple sequences of
press/update.../release events, by default it's restricted to handling
touch events, although can be made to listen to mouse events, either
though API or through the GTK_TEST_TOUCHSCREEN envvar (a NULL
GdkEventSequence is used in those cases).

Multiple GtkGesture implementations are offered in the branch:

      * Drag: keeps track of drags, reporting the offset from the drag
        start point.
      * Swipe: reports x/y velocity at the end of a begin/update/end
      * LongPress: reports long presses, or those being canceled after
        threshold/timeout excess.
      * MultiPress: reports multiple presses, as long as they're within
        double click threshold/timeout
      * Rotate: reports angle changes from two touch sequences
      * Zoom: reports distance changes from to touch sequences as a
        factor of the initial distance.

What about the single tap/press? Do the gestures for which it makes
sense also give back the center of the operation? Do the gestures know
about each other? (like, if there's no long-press in my widget, will it
understand that I'm starting a drag or I'm slow at tapping?)


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