Re: libsoup + gsettings-desktop-schemas for server code

Le lundi 03 mars 2014 à 16:38 +0000, Colin Walters a écrit :
On Mon, Mar 3, 2014 at 11:06 AM, Nicolas Dufresne
<nicolas dufresne collabora com> wrote:
Le lundi 03 mars 2014 à 09:59 -0500, Dan Winship a écrit :

Is it just proxy configuration?  Are there any options from
gsettings-desktop-schemas that are used by libsoup/glib-networking or
other libraries that are potentially interesting for headless daemons?

An headless deamon can be anything with any use cases. One use case that
I came with, where the dconf model did not work was package managers.

- Per application setting shall be possible (GLib has that)

Via keyfiles?

Not, GLib networking proxy support was first implemented transparently.
Application now has required API to prevent the proxy resolver to be
called automatically. They can also pick and setup a configuration they
want, regardless of what the system settings are, and regardless of
where the settings are from. Though not used at the moment, an example
use case is S5B, a proxies file transfer API in XMPP that uses socks
protocol for handsake. Current API has now enough flexibility to be used
to handle that.

- Per network profile setting shall be possible

Define "nework profile".  Is this a NetworkManager concept?  That
would make a lot of sense for the proxy config - I'd be fine if my
daemons talked to NM.

It's a wired concept, which got added NM "recently". The idea is to have
different settings for different wired network, but unlike WIFI, there
is no natural way to identify it. So you can configure multiple
profiles, and user can choose the profile manually. More advance
implementation can add up heuristic, like the gateway mac address, the
subnet, etc. to automatically pick the profile.

Proxy configuration could also be attached to VPN settings, as being on
certain VPN may require specific proxy etc.

With the network profiles in place now, we could attach settings to

What is this?  Can you link me to the code?

I have never programmed it myself, though it's supported in
nm-connection-editor. Basically you can have multiple settings for the
same wired network. For work laptop, it's often (but not limited to) a
home vs office configuration.


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