Re: libsoup + gsettings-desktop-schemas for server code

Le lundi 03 mars 2014 à 09:59 -0500, Dan Winship a écrit :
So... if we're going to do anything with the proxy schemas, we should
move/rename and reorganize them at the same time.
I second this, if review is needed on an appropriate design I'd be happy to help double checking it. So far things that came out about proxies over the last few years:

- Per application setting shall be possible (GLib has that)
- Preventing proxies per application shall also be possible (GLib has that too)
- System wide setting shall be possible
- Per network profile setting shall be possible
- User and password handshake shall be possible (Not sure what we have right now)

A lot of that has been improved through Dan's and other work on GLib, though we did not progress much on getting a better configuration scheme. Right now we support per-session, configuration, which is never exactly what we want.

With the network profiles in place now, we could attach settings to profiles. This would already allow crossing the user boundary, as network profile may be system wide. Then the question will be to check if settings applied regardless of the network are really useful or not. We could also consider per-route proxy settings, instead of simply depending on an ignore-list (the opposite).


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