Re: libsoup + gsettings-desktop-schemas for server code

On Mon, 2014-03-03 at 14:40 +0000, Colin Walters wrote:

I use GLib/gjs for server side code in several places.  For example, I
recently wrote
which uses libsoup.  Which at the RPM level, Requires: glib-networking
which in turn requires gsettings-desktop-schemas.

It's a little ugly to pull this in on minimal servers just so that I
can resolve the proxy config.

Furthermore - as a daemon running as root, I don't even have a
non-Memory GSettings backend.  That presently causes a warning, which
is a bit ugly.  Now as I understand it, the idea is servers could use
the keyfile backend - except I don't want to have my own keyfile for
the proxy setup.

How about this as a strawman:

1) Split off some of the core settings like org.gnome.system.proxy
into gsettings-core-settings or something
2) Have a common keyfile in /etc/gsettings-core.conf that headless
server code can use

What about shipping the keyfile in gsettings-desktop-schemas? Does it
hurt to have more schemas than the ones you use?


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