Re: [PATCH] Gettext 0.19 errors; Workflow for irregular i18n contributors


On  14.6.2014 at 4:49 PM Piotr Drąg wrote:
I see, you want to fix the gtk-2-24 branch. I'm afraid it is low on
the list of priorities. Couldn't you build GIMP with gettext 0.18.x
until it's ported to GTK+3?

No, unfortunately not. There is one bug we need gettext 0.19+ for:

and on the other hand porting GIMP to GTK+3 won't happen neither today
nor tomorrow :-(

In the meantime I fixed the issues you pointed out:
- rebase on HEAD, now version 2.24.24,
- leave file permissions untouched (but please check the 'index...10644' lines),
- insert the new lines at the right place,

and avoided adding extra files like in the former patch

I'd be glad about feedback.

How can we proceed now?

Kind regards,


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