Re: [PATCH] Gettext 0.19 errors; Workflow for irregular i18n contributors

2014-06-14 8:17 GMT+02:00 scl <scl gplus gmail com>:
a few days ago, after an update to GNU Gettext 0.19, 'msgfmt -c'
started failing because of missing po header info. The "Language:"
entry was missing in some po files and some "Language-Team:"
entries missed the trailing "\n".

The newer Gettext 0.19.1 behaves a bit more tolerant and returns
only warnings without breaking the build anymore.
However, I take these warnings seriously and fixed their causes
in the po files.
My patch adds missing "Language:" information, trailing "\n"'s and
cleans up duplicate lines. You find it attached for review. To
keep it small I compressed it with bzip2.
If you find it good enough, just push it to the repository.
Otherwise let me know what can be improved.
I'd be glad for your feedback.

I agree that adding the Language header will help us with the
transition to gettext 0.19.x, but your patch has some problems as-is.
First, it uses an out of date checkout of the GTK+ repository. Most of
these files already have the Language tag. Second, it changes mode
(permissions) of all po files, which should be avoided. Third, it
introduces format errors in these:


Also, I think you should leave unrelated cleaning up of the headers up
to the teams. Finally, it doesn't solve the problem with the hundreds
of other modules in GNOME.

As I'm not a regular contributor to the GNOME translation project,
I'd also be grateful to know whether it's ok to send my patches
to the mailing list or better filed a bug (and if the latter
for which GTK+ component).

Even though Bugzilla would be preferable, mailing list is fine, but
you should add gtk-devel-list to CC (which I now added). It's
important to learn the maintainer's opinion before pushing bigger
changes (I should know, I screwed gtk+'s up in the past at
least once...).

Best regards,

Piotr Drąg

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