Re: Volunteer

Hey Lieven,

great that you are interested in helping out ! I'm sure you'll find
something interesting to work on. Here's a few ideas:

- pick any widget that is currently still using a button press event
handler, and convert it to using event controllers instead

- add support for switching pages by swipe gestures in GtkStack
(probably depending on the transition)

- investigate using swipe-from-the-edge for bringing up controls in
fullscreen mode

- choose any application that could benefit from touch support, and
try to implement it using the current GTK+ gesture API (one example
might be swipes to show/hide the sidebar in gnome-weather)/

For your nested scrolling use case, I think it a good start would be a
somewhat convincing testcase. In my experience nested scrolling is
almost always a source of frustration and best avoided...

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