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Hi Murray,

On 2014-07-17, at 5:25 PM, Murray Cumming <murrayc murrayc com> wrote:

I'm trying to replace a use of the deprecated GtkMisc:xalign property
with the newer GtkWidget:halign property with some labels that are in a
GtkSizeGroup. The (GTK_ALIGN_START) alignment doesn't seem to be having
any effect, though it does when work using the deprecated xalign

This screenshot shows the result in Glade with some GtkBoxes and a
GtkSizeGroup, and the correct behaviour in a GtkGrid. Should it work
with a GtkSizeGroup?

Not in this way it cannot work.

The size group effects the request in a way that all labels have the same size (or "at least" the same size) 
while the widget halign property can only align a widget into its potential allocation... I.e the halign 
property has "allocation - request" pixels add to the left or right of those labels before giving a final 
allocation to the label.

The GtkMisc properties work because they center some opaque widget content inside that widget's allocation.

What would work is to place each GtkLabel into its own "box", use the halign properties on those labels and 
use the size groups on each label's "box".


I can't just use a GtkGrid because I am actually using a custom
container in my application.

Murray Cumming
murrayc murrayc com

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