Re: where i find a manual f or write a wm in gtk3 ?

On 2014-02-26 21:55Z, major_ghz wrote:
i follow the begining of GTK-3 Reference Manual, but explan only for
an application in gtk3

not for write a litle wm.

can you help me for begining this projet ?

All the other people who told you not to do this are probably correct,
but since you did ask a specific question, I'll at least try to answer.

Before you write an WM in GTK you'll want to learn how to write a WM
without GTK. Start with some existing simple window managers and learn
how they works (e.g. what SubstructureRedirectMask does). xcb would be
better, but xlib will be easier just because there's more examples. Then
once you have something that runs and manages windows, you can think
about adding GTK to it to do title bar drawing, or context menu's, or
whatever it is that you want to use GTK for.

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