some mistake in the GtkCellRenderer design

Hello every body,

I'm not a god designer but I have noticed some mistake with the 
GtkCellRenderer design.

To illustrate myself, I take an example.

Actually, I want to implement a custom GtkCellEditable which inherits from
GtkCalendar and GtkCellEdiatble and create a custom GtkCellRenderer to use it
and renderer it entirelly in a cell when a click appears. from now my attation is on the
custom GtkCellRenderer that I want to build.
to do that, I have to rewrite its "render" virtual function

if a click appears in a particular cell, I have to place my custom GtkCellEditable which renderer a 

there are two possible choice to do that  

first choice)
The width of the corresponding column must have at least the natural width of this custom widget (if this widget is larger than the previous width of the column) if not if there is an "expand" property my widget have to expand itself according to this property. the corresponding row must have at least the natural height of my custom GtkCellEditable too if not, if there is an "expand" property my widget have to expand itself according to this property. for the rest of cells not in the concerned column and in the concerned row thier size cannot change. All the cells in the concerned column have the same width and all the cell in the same row have a same height.

second choice)
we can use the clipping functions of cairo and enlarge the row and column in the treeview when the user drag a particular row\column

3) it is possible to mix the two preceding choice.

I alse think that, the renderer function of GtkCellRenderer must have a "path" argument :)

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