How to re-enable icons in menus?


I just moved to Fedora 20 and found that the icons in the menus aren't
shown any more. Please note that I don't post to this mailing list
"light heartedly", I know that this is rather a "user" kind of question.
But I've spent an evening trying out about a dozen "fixes" from
posts/blogs etc. that I found when searching for this problem through
the net, but nothing seems to work (searched for recommended -- but not
existing -- options in tweak-tool, removed dconf, created a
.conf/gtk-3.0/settings.ini, installed various themes, created symbolic
links -- and removed them again -- etc.).

Being mostly a Java/Python programmer, I feel that I won't find out how
to re-enable the icons reading the sources. Some comments suggest that
it is even impossible to re-enable the icons in menus at all. This would
be very annoying because the gnome desktop is really harder to use now;
e.g. it takes a long time to read through the about 15 entries (I use
rabbitvcs) that pop up in the context menu of a folder in nautilus
(while the icons allowed me to spot the proper entry in almost no time).
And besides, this change is not mentioned in the release notes for gnome
3.10, so I assume it is not intended to be a feature.

Finally, I decided to risk some "Wrong list!" responses from this list
in order to get (hopefully) an authoritative answer how to re-enable the
menu icons or (though I hope not) the confirmation that it is impossible.

 - Michael

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