Re: a new combo box

On 27.12, Matthias Clasen wrote:

over Christmas, I had some for a little side project, a  new combo
box. It is based on these mockups:

Seems like these mockups (and the new combo box) should be kept in sync
with general popover menus, especially wrt. the grouping behavior (i.e.
separate pages in a GtkStack VS. expanding the new group downwards). I
know Allan favored the latter (and there's a bug about it), but making
that work for all the cases in comboboxes would be even harder.

Other than that, the current behavior of popovers when changing their
size isn't really what I'd like to see (i.e. changing the position when
changing the size, that's really disturbing). And of course, animating
the size change would be great here too.

A few things I found in a quick test:
  There are 2 problems here: on the very top of the list, there's a
  GtkSeparator visible and of course the undershoot (or overshoot?)
  indicator at the bottom while no scrolling is possible.

- It seems to me like some rows (e.g. those with text fields and/or
  buttons in them) should not be focusable?

- The "Remove active" button crashes testnewcombo here

Other than that, I think it looks really cool and is a step in the
right direction.


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