Re: [glib] Why is g_ptr_array_set_size take a gint instead of guint for the length parameter?

I'm looking for the rational of using 'gint' instead of 'guint' in the

g_ptr_array_set_size (GPtrArray *array, gint length);

I imagine that the use of a signed integer was an oversight at the time
which can now not be corrected without breaking API. It's not worth

I remember (a long, long time ago) there was a dislike for uint.
Mixing uint and int can be fiddly and produce a range of bugs, some
more subtle than others, and the extra bit of range you get is
unimportant. int-only code is usually simpler and safer. The uints
scattered through xlib are a good example of the confusion they can

The argument the other way would be that declaring it unsigned gives
extra information about what "length" means (it's a number of things,
not a distance). I guess that point of view won out.

I agree that the inconsistency is annoying and puzzling.


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