Re: [glib] Why is g_ptr_array_set_size take a gint instead of guint for the length parameter?


On Mon, 2014-12-22 at 14:42 -0500, sduclos wrote:

I'm looking for the rational of using 'gint' instead of 'guint' in the call:

g_ptr_array_set_size (GPtrArray *array, gint length);

g_ptr_array_set_size() was introduced in 1998 (commit df9a49ec), and has
not been modified since. The commit message introducing it doesn't
mention anything about choosing gint as the type, other than that
GPtrArray itself is similar to java.lang.Vector.

I imagine that the use of a signed integer was an oversight at the time
which can now not be corrected without breaking API. It's not worth

I assume that this has been debated to death .. but I can't find where!

I can't find anything either. It probably hasn't; it's fairly
unimportant. If you've got an array with more than 2^31 elements, you
should probably be using something other than an array.


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