When building libglib, should I define 'HAVE_NETLINK' only when building for Linux ??

I'm building for Windows (with MSVC). When I updated glib this morning (from git master) I noticed that a new source file was recently added (gio/gnetworkmonitornm.c). I added it to my MSVC project but it then failed to link, with this error:-

error LNK2019: unresolved external symbol: __g_network_monitor_netlink_get_type

I found that symbol in 'gio/gnetworkmonitornetlink.c'. But when I added 'gnetworkmonitornetlink.c', it wouldn't compile (couldn't find 'linux/netlink.h'). So am I right in thinking this is all Linux-only? Or do I need to take a closer look at my configuration? Thanks.


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