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you probably want to ask on gtk-devel-list, not on gtk-list, so I'm
moving the discussion thereā€¦


On 10 December 2014 at 15:02, Anatoly Vorobey <avorobey gmail com> wrote:

The standard GTK+ printing dialog, and GtkPrintSettings, don't seem to have
for drawing a line around the page. This can be especially important with
N-Up printing,
which *is* supported. This leads to some frustration especially considering
that Windows and OSX native print dialogs support drawing borders.

I'm not a GTK developer and I know very little about the printing backends
it must support, but at least in CUPS there's -o page-border which can
provide a backing for such an option.

I'm curious if not including this option in the printing API and the
printing dialog was a deliberate decision, or something that no-one got
around to and would be welcomed.

Anatoly Vorobey, avorobey gmail com (Russian) (English)

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