Re: Building gdk-pixbuf loaders as static libs

Thanks for all the help guys. Chun-wei, you raised an interesting point....

On 02/12/2014 12:03, Fan Chun-wei wrote:

you will see a bunch of INCLUDE_xxx's there where xxx is the module that you want to build directly into your GDK-Pixbuf DLL build.

Taking 'gdk-pixbuf/io-gif.c' as an example, it contains a section which looks like this:-

      #ifndef INCLUDE_gif
      #define MODULE_ENTRY(function) G_MODULE_EXPORT void function
      #define MODULE_ENTRY(function) void _gdk_pixbuf__gif_ ## function

It's the same with 'io-ani.c', 'io-bmp.c', etc, etc. Back in the distant past I must have mis-read the #ifndef and thought it said #ifdef. So I've been building with all those #INCLUDE_xxx directives for years. After a bit of testing this morning, it seems like I was already linking to the modules statically without realising it!!

On 02/12/2014 12:03, Fan Chun-wei wrote:

Just wondering, is there any chance that can be looked at so that builds on Visual Studio can continue as usual?

Yes, I'd like to vote for that too. Unless my maths has gone a bit wonky, I think my suggested macro should work for both positive and negative values.


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