Re: Building gdk-pixbuf loaders as static libs

Hello John,

The Visual Studio 2008+ builds (in build\win32) do that, so let's take a look in build\win32\vs9\gdk-pixbuf-build-defines.vsprops in your git checkout:

Find the tags parts that is like GDIP_MACROS, NOGDIP_MACROS and MODULAR_MACROS, you will see a bunch of INCLUDE_xxx's there where xxx is the module that you want to build directly into your GDK-Pixbuf DLL build. Normally you would want to
include modules as much as possible in your build, but note the following:

-For INCLUDE_png, INCLUDE_jasper, INCLUDE_jpeg, INCLUDE_tiff you will need the libpng, jasper (JPEG 2000 library), IJG JPEG (or libjpeg turbo) and libtiff libraries respectively. Those aren't hard to build with Visual Studio. -Although there is an INCLUDE_gdiplus option, I would recommend not using it as the progression of Windows itself caused it to not to work very well (GDI+ is deprecated by Microsoft), plus you will definitely need to use the PNG module anyways. -The INCLUDE_gdiplus option should not be defined with any of these: INCLUDE_bmp, INCLUDE_gif, INCLUDE_ico, INCLUDE_jasper, INCLUDE_jpeg, INCLUDE_tiff, if you still decide to use the GDI+ module. -If you are planning to build with jasper support, you need to define JAS_WIN_MSVC_BUILD as well. -Do a search in gdk-pixbuf\ for the complete list of INCLUDE_xxx's, in case not everything you need is listed in build\win32\vs9\gdk-pixbuf-build-defines.vsprops.

Hope this helps.

With blessings

Just wondering, is there any chance that can be looked at so that builds on Visual Studio can continue as usual?

And, in commit 852234f, I think the problem is only partially fixed, I think we also need to #include <glib/gi18n.h> for the i18n macros to be found and compiled properly.

With blessings, thank you!

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