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On Sun, Aug 3, 2014 at 6:08 AM, Sébastien Wilmet <swilmet gnome org> wrote:
Thanks for the explanation.

On Sun, 2014-08-03 at 01:13 +0100, Emmanuele Bassi wrote:
> <snip>

> yes, it was considered, and no: "depth" (or similar terms) won't be used.
> people using a canvas with 3D transformations intuitively grasp the
> concept of a Z axis, as well as that of a coordinate on that axis.
> they understand rotations around that axis, as well as scaling and
> translation.
> using "depth" would be confused with the possibility of having "real"
> 3D objects, with a width, height, and depth.

Ok so there are good reasons behind that. "depth-axis" would be a
solution, but it's too long and x/y/z is a widespread convention. I was
just wondering if the GSK API contains other conventions, maybe less

An API designed to be commonly used and understood by graphics programmers is exactly the place where you don't want to use obscure, less widespread conventions.
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