Re: sorry~~can GTK+ draw flow graph?

On Tue, 2014-07-29 at 21:43 +0800, gpu wrote:
hi everyone! I'm sorry to send mail here, but I got no respond at the
app-list :(


I think since everyone's at guadec the lists are slow...

I have a question here.
I want to realize some funtionality like the flow graph.And I want to
know is it easy to do it with gtk? And how to make it if there was no
way to do it now. 1)The box should be sth like a listbox with each
item can link to other items in another box ;2)And if i have to draw
the curve by myself, whick lib or class should I use?
The graph i want to have is shown below:‍

That page says:
  "Oops! That page can’t be found."

For drawing flow charts and the like, I would recommend using goocanvas,
this will let you use a variety of objects (shapes, lines, etc) and give
you some features like zoom, you can place objects in a virtual
coordinate space. You can also implement your own objects of course, and
all drawing is done with cairo.

goocanvas gives you a GtkWidget which can be placed in a scrolled window
or such in your application.


Thanks very much!
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