Re: GTK+3 Win32 Bundles : RFC

Hi Alberto, Alberto Ruiz writes:
Hello Tamyko,
First of all I'd like to say kudos for your amazing work. There is a
lot of people out there who depend on Gtk+ being built on Windows and
your efforts are greatly appreciated.

Thank you very much !
The answer here is hard. I'm inclined to say that you should scrap as
much stuff as possible (unused binaries and as much dependencies as
possible). If only to make the automated build a bit more reliable
(the less stuff you build yourself the better).
Wrt freetype/fontconfig it is worth considering how many packages can
make good use of it, you mentined gimp and inkscape which are probably
two of the most popular Gtk+ apps on Windows, so it seems reasonable
to keep them.

You're right, I think I will keep them. They're worth it.
How about a Windows VM? I know Microsoft gives away Microsoft
liceneses to free software projects and I've set up build servers with
Windows in the past using SSH. The alternative, which is running MSVC
on Linux/Wine is going to be HARD.

Ho, interesting. I didn't know they had such deals with FOSS projects. Will look into it. Yes, cross-compiling using MinGW is already a pain ; I better not imagine how hard it could be with an emulation layer such a Wine...

Alberto Ruiz


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