GTK+3 Win32 Bundles : RFC

Hi again folks, As of today, the state of the GTK+3 Win32 Bundles is the following : Cross-platform build environment is setup in the GNOME infrastructure. It has the attribute of not using pre-built packages (RPMs), but only a minimal MinGW compiler able to rebuild all the stack, from Gettext to GTK+3. Resulting binaries can be found on : They notably integrate MinGW and MSVC import libraries.

I'd like to have feedback on the following subjects : - GTK+2 bundles used to integrate Gettext, Freetype and Fontconfig binaries. They're not directly needed, however Gettext is useful for internationalization, and some well-known software (GIMP, Inkscape) use Freetype/Fontconfig. Scraping them from the bundle will free 5-10 Mb of compressed space. Should I keep them ? - As of GTK+ 3.8, generating MSVC import libraries requires the MSVC toolchain itself. I'm currently setup-ing 3.8 buildenv without them. People interested in having them in the bundle should : * give insight on how to run MSVC on a Linux machine/integrate a Win32 machine in the GNOME infrastructure * contact me to help me setup such a toolchain (personally unexperienced on this topic).

I'll soon link this post to, so we can have the bundles on the website.

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