API break in GtkAction?

Send to gtk-devel-list too.

GtkAction, GtkStock, GtkUIManager etc have been deprecated. But it 
should still be possible to use them.

On Thu, Oct 03, 2013 at 10:13:51PM +0200, Sébastien Wilmet wrote:

Since the deprecation of GtkUIManager, GtkAction, GtkStock etc, it seems 
that gtk_action_set_always_show_image() doesn't work anymore.

I don't have the time to port my application to GMenu (and I think some 
features are missing, that I use with GtkUIManager). And I need icons in 
menus. For example some menu items permit to insert international 
accents. The image is really useful to know which accent it is.

To enable icons in menus, I use this code (in Vala):

foreach (Gtk.ActionGroup action_group in ui_manager.get_action_groups ())
    foreach (Gtk.Action action in action_group.list_actions ())
        action.set_always_show_image (true);

It works fine with GTK+ 3.8, but not with GTK+ 3.10.

I openened this bug:

I hope this is not intentional (which means it is an API break, without 
.so version bump…).

And, if it is intentional, is there another easy way to force to show 
icons in menus? (Without lots of manual code, I mean, because the menu 
is big).

Thanks in advance,

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