MenuModel DBUS protocol

Hi everyone!

As said in, the old way of exposing Menus via DBUS had one advantage over the new GMenuModel:
Interoperability between desktop environments.

DBUS is a great way to allow applications to talk with each other regardless of programming language and framework borders.
GMenuModel also works over DBUS, but the protocol is an implementation detail.

I don’t want it to stay that way, as running GTK applications under KDE and Qt applications under GNOME & Unity should be as painless as possible.

So I appeal to you (=mainly the ones who work on the GMenuModel exporter):

* Please explain what GMenuModel’s DBUS interface is capable of and how it works at the moment
* Please steer it gently towards a stable API

At the momen’t it’s OK if you want to iterate fast and keep changing it.
Other DEs will have to use a glib dependent module or keep up with the changes for the time being.
But in the long run, our efforts should culminate in a freedesktop standard for menu exporting.

Does this seem reasonable to everyone?

Best wishes,

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