Something I don't understand

I just wondered if someone could help me with something that's puzzling me about a recent Glib commit...

On 27th May, Dan Winship made a commit whose description is "Add Makefile.glib and GLIB_CONFIG configure 
macro".  According to my Git package (TortoiseGit) it looks as if the following two files got deleted as part 
of that commit:-


And yet when I look in my gio subfolder, the files are still present and they still seem to get referenced in 
Glib's makefiles.  Initially I assumed they must have gotten added back, sometime later but I can't see any 
evidence of that.

This isn't a criticism BTW - only something that's puzzling me.  In fact it's entirely possible that it's 
some kind of glitch in TortoiseGit but I'm curious to know what would cause the appearance that some files 
have been removed when (apparently) they're still present and needed.  Maybe they did get added back later 
but I just can't find it?


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