gtk+-3.9.10 build fixes for MinGW


First two hunks (g[dt]k/ fixes regressions due to commits:

(as well as the commits in the commit message).
Basically we need the .def or should remove the logic totally, but then the MS_LIB_AVAILABLE logic should be 
checked as well.
(Last I checked it did not work with GTK+3, although it still does with 2, but cannot currently verify.)

The third hunk (testsuite/gtk/ fix a regression from commit:

("defaultvalue" does not build on win32).

The last hunk (modules/input/gtkimcontextime.c) fixes undefined values from "gdkkeysyms-compat.h".
I assume the duplicate added include of "gdkkeysyms.h" from commit:

should have been to include "gdkkeysyms-compat.h".

Let me know if I should split it up rather or file bugs.


Vrywaringsklousule / Disclaimer: 

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